Community Projects
The LCMS Foundation funds select, quality educational programs.  The foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.  Many contracts are supported through the LCMS Foundation.  They include:
  • Colon Cancer Awareness Grant – a grant that is focused on increasing awareness of colorectal cancer incidence, screening and emphasis on early detection.  We have partnered with Walgreen’s and other local pharmacies to distribute screening kits and health information.
  • Second Hand Smoke – LCMS Foundation received a two-year grant to implement a public awareness campaign through physician offices on the dangers of secondhand smoke, focusing on smokefree workplaces, homes and vehicles.
  • Medication Assistance Program of Lincoln (MAPL) – The major Foundation program is the Medication Assistance Program of Lincoln.  In partnership with LCMA, the Foundation is raising money to support this program with the goal of helping individuals in need access their prescription medications.  Each year MAPL saves our clients millions of dollars by receiving free medications from national drug assistance programs.  Program assistance is available for single individuals that make $19,000 a year or less and married couples that make $25,000 or less.  For more information, call LCMS and ask for one of our Medication Assistance staff.
Nebraska Community Blood Bank (NCBB) of the Lancaster County Medical Society - LCMS formed the CBB in 1968. The blood bank supplies blood products to hospitals in Lancaster and Seward counties.

Disaster Plan - LCMS has been an active participant in the development of the local Disaster Plan.  In the event of a local disaster, LCMS coordinates hospital assignments for each physician.

Health Hub-Connection to Lincoln's Health Services-


Mission: Create a network of providers to work collaboratively to assist uninsured individuals and families' access appropriate medical care services.

Goal: Health Hub staff will help individuals in need to access assistance programs such as General Assistance, Medicaid or local programs by helping them complete all application paperwork and advocating for them until they are able to access care.

LCMS physician members and staff join the following collaborating partners to provide comprehensive medical services to the uninsured and underinsured in Lincoln and Lancaster County.

Clinic With a Heart
BryanLGH Medical Center
Lincoln's ED Connections
Lincoln Lancaster County Health Department
Matt Talbot Kitchen and Outreach
Peoples City Mission
Peoples Health Center
Saint Elizabeth Regional Medical Center

Individuals needing assistance or agencies seeking more information about the Health Hub should call them directly at 402-817-0808.

Lancaster County Medical Alliance (LCMA) - LCMA is dedicated to the promotion and support of charitable and educational endeavors relating to healthcare.  The Alliance and LCMS collaborate on the Community Internship Program and other projects.

Lincoln's Health 360 Project Access - is a comprehensive and collaborative program with many community partners and  individual and corporate sponsors designed to assist people in getting the medical care they need. This program includes the following initiatives:


  • Medication Assistance Program
  • Specialty Care Access
  • Medical Home Access
Nebraska Medical Association (NMA) - LCMS works in tandem with the NMA to advocate for our members and the community.

Partnership for Healthy Lincoln-

Partnership for a Health Lincoln (PHL), a 501c(3) organization, was established on July 1st, 2010 through grants and in kind funding provided by the Community Health Endowment of Lincoln, Health Partners Initiative, Catholic Health Initiatives, and the Lancaster County Medical Society. PHL, directed by Robert R. Rauner, MD, MPH, is charged with improving the health and well being of Lincoln’s citizens through implementation of the recommendations of the Mayor’s Healthcare Safety Net Task Force, encouraging lasting improvements in healthy lifestyles through community initiatives, and supporting evidenced based changes in community and state health policy. PHL also works with and supports community organizations to achieve these goals. PHL provides  regular communication with stakeholders on the progress toward achievement of these goals.

Mission: Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln exists to coordinate and assist Lincoln organizations in improving the health and well being of all Lincoln citizens.

Vision: By 2015, Lincoln will achieve significant and quantifiable improvements in the health and well being of its citizens. Not only will this make Lincoln a more attractive and enjoyable city to live in, it will also result in significant decreases in health care costs and make Lincoln a more attractive city for employers.


1. Equity: Improvements in the health and well being of all, regardless of age, gender, race, or socioeconomic status.

2. Efficiency: Accountable and cost-effective use of resources.

3. Collaboration: Working with existing community organizations to cooperate and share resources.

4. Evidence Based: Initiatives and objectives that are based on sound evidence and driven by local data.